About the artist Dave Johnson

“Performer , teacher, composer and recording artist, Dave Johnson is a multi-instrumentalist since age 10, bringing his passion for music alive on the street or stage in a versatile performance.”

DidgEra Live, Vienna Festival, 2015.

Now, 2 decades later, Dave’s unique expression of sound involves a complex myriad of instruments: didgeridoos(slide didgeridoo), saxophones, percussion (from African djembe to Japanese Taiko drums), keyboards, guitar, marimbas and Native American flute.DidgEra live small

As a soloist, Dave plays several instruments simultaneously while combining a unique blend of percussive and melodic rhythms over which he alternates the deep piercing of the didgeridoo with the jazz-affiliated saxophones, or the more meditative Native American Flute.

The result is a wholesome, penetrating explosion of sound and rhythm that awakens in the audience a soul-filled feeling.

Dave has spent years traveling to different parts of Australia, both performing and recording along the way. As an independent musician of remarkable skill, he sets up his recording studio wherever he goes and keeps on producing his own recordings.

The entire collaboration is his own production.

Those that want a taste of true inspiration are bound to be enticed by the journey of sound created and expressed by Dave Johnson.